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Learning chemistry can be fun. This course is just to practice problems (very limited). OCHEM Trial Course also has a 2d to 3d structure converter. This will enable the user to see reactions in a 3d format. There is also the R and S labeler (stereochemistry) that helps with identifying stereogenic centers. Build molecules and their stereoisomers to help visualize the 3d nature of molecules. In addition, If your looking to take notes or make flashcards the PDAFL system allows you to download pdf or word documents to use as notes or flashcards. For this additional functionality please use PDAFL PRO. To access video solutions, interactive instructional videos, games, and other resources please visit PDAFL PRO.

Key concepts include:

  • Lewis Structures
  • Nomenclature
  • Stereochemistry
  • SN1 reactions
  • SN2 reactions
  • Reactions with alkenes
  •  Synthesis
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