The organization was founded in 2020. We were interested in utilizing apps and interactive software to teach current and future students. We found there were many apps that included chemistry games, quizzes, and even virtual reality. However, the problem was the content, types of games, and the analytics needed to assess students. Most games available on the market are missing the content taught at the freshman college level. The types of questions might be suitable for elementary students (e.g., what is Fe?). The types of games were also limited, mostly multiple choice questions (not really a game). Basically, higher-end games and apps were missing from science and mathematics. There are a few gaming companies out there proposing these products. The problem is availability of these apps and games to the instructors and students. Analytics are missing from these smaller apps and the content is very limited. Therefore, an instructor is unable to assess the app and its functions. The biggest reasons why there are so few companies in these areas is because of cost to develop and market educational products due to return on investment. Large gaming companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on single product research and development funded by investors. We are trying to change the game.